Adventure Time

Who is this package for?


  • → Puppies and dogs of all ages
  • → People who may have less time to practice skills between sessions or who simply prefer the trainer to do more of the work
  • → Great for manners work, and for some dogs with big emotions – ask if your dog is eligible during your Zoom consultation

Why use an alternative to Board & Train?


  • → You can hang out with your dog instead of missing them for weeks,
  • → Behaviors are more likely to be successful when practiced in your living environment,
  • → Your dog won’t be stressed by wondering where you are and living in a new environment,
  • → Your dog won’t pick up any illnesses from other dogs,
  • → You don’t have to worry about anyone using methods behind closed doors that will scare, intimidate, or hurt your puppy or dog, and
  • → It’s less expensive since boarding fees aren’t required