New Puppy

Welcome To The Family


We know that bringing home a new dog can be exciting, yet nerve wrecking at the same time. Navigating through websites and books can be frustrating and time consuming. The information you do find may contradict prior sources that can leave you feeling more confused than when you began.

As professionals, we are here to not only answer your questions, but to ensure that you succeed in establishing a healthy relationship with your new best friend based on trust. This is the ultimate package to get you and your pup started off on the right paw.

A certified trainer will visit your home 3- days a week over the next month, helping guide you through:

  • → Potty Training
  • → Crate Training
  • → Jumping / Mouthing / Biting guidance and management
  • → Environmental Management
  • → Play / Enrichment
  • → Socialization (includes trips to safe local environments for healthy exposure)
  • → Polite Greetings: People + Dogs