Basic Manners



Dogs age 6 Months & Older*, Duration: 6 sessions, 50 min. per session Tuition: $300

This class is for dogs 6 months and older, that missed out on our puppy class or older dogs that need to learn foundation behaviors. This class is great preparation for our (need a name) . Your dog will learn foundation behaviours such as sit, down, name,touch, place, recall, loose leash walking, leave it/get it. We’ll also incorporate discussions on common behaviour concerns.

This class is not set up for dogs to interact with one another or to use the other dogs in class as a means of distraction. This is a class focused on teaching foundation behaviours within a minimally distracting environment to set learners up for success. Join us for a fun, positive and Fear Free class!

*Dogs must be comfortable around other people and dogs. Owners with fearful or anxious dogs require private training and are not suitable for class.

→ Intro to Clicker/Marker word → Focus
→ Nose Targeting → Name Recognition / Eye contact
→ Take it / Drop it → Leave it
→ Place → Sit,Down
→ Loose Leash Walking → Recall
→ Meet w’/NO GREET! (Guiding them into meeting and greeting both dogs and humans, as well as learning appropriate behavior when not greeting).

For this class, you’ll need to bring a clicker, 6ft leash, your puppy’s favorite treats, a “place” mat (a non-slip mat or bath mat)

Prerequisites: Dogs over 6 months of age, must be fully vaccinated.



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