Puppy Kindergarten



Puppies 14-24 Weeks, Duration: 4 sessions, 50 min. per session
Tuition: $200

For puppies aged 14-24 weeks. Maximum age for registration is 21 weeks. This class will build on the puppy social skills and advance the basic manners taught in Puppy Preschool class. The class will include but are not limited to; sit, down, recall, place, leash manners, Join us for a fun, positive and Fear Free class!

*If your puppy did not take Puppy Preschool, you can register for Basic Manners*

Play between puppies will be done on a class by class basis but is not guaranteed in this class. Puppy play and Foundation is the best place for regular playtime between dogs

→ Go to your place → Sit, Down
→ Take it / Drop it → Leave it
→ Leash Manners → Recall

For this class, you’ll need to bring a clicker, 6ft leash, your puppy’s favorite treats, a “place” mat (a non-slip mat or bath mat)

two sets of vaccines is required.



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